finely crafted stainless steel tapware

“Not all that glitters is gold” and not all that is offered as stainless steel is actually stainless steel.

There are taps on the market that commonly mislead consumers, to think that they are made entirely of stainless steel when actually the water flow is still in contact with brass. Because laws have yet to be be passed that require manufacturers and retailers to clearly specify the nature and origin of the materials used in the production of taps, A2F has introduced in its production process the GENUINOX tap concept, which requires adherence to set of criteria to ensure that:

– The visible external metallic components must be manufactured with AISI304 (AISI 316) stainless steel.
– The non-visible internal metallic components that come in direct contact with water must be entirely realized with AISI304 (AISI316) stainless steel.
– All materials that come in direct contact with water shall not leak either lead or nickel.
– The long lasting external surface must be guaranteed without recourse not to harm the environment.

A2F manufactures its stainless steel taps in full compliance with the above mentioned guidelines and hence bear the GENUINOX label.

A2F: the stainless steel tap that can truly call itself “GENUINOX”

事實上,不幸地,市場上的產品都是在誤導消費者, 被吹噓為不銹鋼製的龍頭實際上水流的地方仍然接觸到黃銅 (材質使用在製造 “關鍵的” 內部零組件上 “隱藏在”龍頭裡面).
不幸的是,法律尚未通過需要明確指定材質的性質和來源使用於生產龍頭上. 這也就是為什麼A2F 已經引進在生產過程中”純不銹鋼”的概念, 此必須遵守一個嚴格的紀律,其要點為:
– 可見的外部金屬配件必須確實是採用AISI304 (AISI316)不銹鋼;
– 所有直接與水接觸的內部不可見金屬配件必須完全確實是採用AISI304 (AISI316)不銹鋼;
– 所有材質直接與水接觸必須不外漏出鉛或鎳;
– 長期持續不能變更性的外部表面電鍍保護層(如鍍鉻)必須保證不訴諸於危害環境.
在完全遵照 上述所提的準則下,製造商A2F不銹鋼龍頭因此有權享有”純不銹鋼”的稱謂;
A2F: 真正的不鏽鋼龍頭本身稱為 “純不鏽鋼”
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